Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: Can I bring you a gift or a tip?

A: Sure! If you want to see me blush and stammer. Gifts and tips are never expected.  Safe bets are seasonal flowers, living plants, fine cured meats, raw chocolate, and books. Whatever it is, I hope to god it’s gluten-free, as I am HIGHLY intolerant.  Gift cards for Etsy, Nordstrom, Amazon, and Powell’s Books are all welcome.  If you are in Portland, Lille is my absolute favorite lingerie boutique.

Q: I have a disability/have difficulty with certain physical activities; can I still see you?

A: Yes! Of course! Kindness and depth of soul are by far the most attractive qualities to me; the rest is just details. I will do everything in my power to make sure we are both comfortable and happy. Just communicate with me, and we’ll work it out.

Q: Poppy, I tried to contact you and never heard back?

A: Was your message so short that I didn’t feel you had a personal interest in me? Was it lewd or crass? Did you not provide any details about yourself?  Was your screening info incomplete (hint: I need your independent provider reference’s email and website address, not just a name)?  Was it so full of errors as to make it unreadable? If none of these apply, it must have been lost in the void. Please try again.

Q: We have such a great connection; can we hang out sometime off the clock?

A: I love spending time with you, but this is my business. It’s important to both our emotional healths to maintain boundaries and limits. And think about it, you may adore some of your clients, but would it make much business sense to provide your services for free?

Q: Poppy, should I bring wine? are you 420-friendly?

A: Please ask permission before you bring alcohol or marijuana to our session.  This should be a consensual activity.  I do love sharing a glass of wine on occasion.  If you use marijuana for a medical condition, I ask that you take it before you arrive, or ask before using during a longer session.  While I am quite liberal-minded, I prefer to remain present and clear-headed for our session.  If you appear intoxicated when you arrive, I will terminate the session immediately without a refund.