Who you are

Most companions begin their “about” page talking of themselves, but I want to talk about you.  You are a creative, sensual being (yes, you!).  At the core, your true self-has no gender, no ego, and no responsibility, except to create and delight in the senses.  You may spend your days maximizing work performance, worrying about diet and exercise, putting the needs of your close ones before your own; the world has demanded so much of you.  It is at my doorstep where you leave this behind.  So please, step inside my inner sanctum for a moment of respite.

You know you’ve had those moments: after an exceptional rendezvous with a lover, you felt inspired, bubbling over with ideas and energy.  You wanted to consume your lover whole, but you also felt that energy and passion pouring into other arenas of your life.  You do not have to be an artist to live your life creatively. 

Sensual connection with me can have resounding effects on your life.  You may find you approach previously insurmountable problems at work from a new and inspired angle.  You may suddenly find communicating with your partners to be a compassionate and enriching experience.  Maybe you will find yourself carving out time for that hike or bike ride or book you’ve been fantasizing about.  Your sensual needs are not frivolous, capricious, or selfish.  When met, they are something that connects you to the world, yourself, and the moment, and I am your cheerleader in this exploration.

Who I am

I am not your typical woman.  I do not play the damsel in distress to your knight in shining armor.  I am not your femme fatale.  I am not your girl next door.  These can be interesting roles to explore from time to time, and I inhabit them well, but I am more than these.  I am closer to a creative guide, leading you toward your true inner self; the self that is playful, creative, light-hearted, virile, energetic.

I have a unique expression of femininity that is somehow womanly and a bit androgynous at the same time.  My soft curves, coquettish smile, and seductive voice embody femininity while my directness and outspoken nature rival the swagger of any man.  I laugh easily, and delight in wickedly clever banter that plays like a bracing tennis rally.

I am first and foremost an artist and writer.  I feed my creative self through physical and sensual pursuits. Taste, touch, smell, sound… each one a muse in its own right.  Moving my body places me more firmly in the moment, and gets my creative juices flowing.  I practice yoga, ride my bicycle, and spend time in nature.  

I’ve had an eclectic education within the university system and hold multiple degrees, but I’ve also sought out alternative forms of education in the world at large.  I am equally interested in science and the esoteric, in health and hedonism, in pleasure and discipline.  I am a lifelong student of the world, and I am continually growing, transforming, and bringing the lessons back to my practice.

I would call myself a healthy hedonist:  I seek out people, places, and experiences that will send me into new states of bliss and discovery.  A decadent and perfectly executed meal, a trip to a quiet, secluded beach, a riveting dance performance or play, a foreign city, electric and pulsing with yet-discovered nooks and crannies, these things make my skin tingle and pulse. 

While I love meeting new people and having novel encounters, my favorite relationships are the ones that blossom over the months and years, like rare and exotic blooms.  To discover the sweet nectar of a lover’s soul, slowly and sensually over the course of time, to draw out and sustain the desires of a willing partner, is a rewarding experience to put it mildly.

If you are looking to hide from yourself and escape from yourself, I am not the companion for you.  If you want to keep playing out tired and inauthentic gender roles, then look elsewhere. But if, like me, you seek to shed the skin of everyday life, if you seek honesty and communion in mutual pleasure, if you seek to reenter the world inspired, rejuvenated, and closer to your creative self, then I’m your girl.


Poppy Black


*I don’t discriminate based on race, size, ability, gender, orientation, or age (as long as you’re over 21), and I’d prefer if you didn’t either. If you have a disability, my place is ADA accessible, and I’m happy to accommodate you.